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Making a Difference in Real Time: Learn About Our Ongoing Community Projects

Many families are unaware of the resources available to them, and we are here to connect them with currently available services  and the support they need.

We serve as a one-stop hub for families who are struggling to find available funds for rent, utilities, and other basic needs. Many families are given phone numbers to call, a list of agencies to visit, and often spend time and effort that does not lead them to timely help.  

We network with non-profits, agencies, and churches daily, and strive to keep updated with what funds and resources are available each week. When one agency is unable to fill multiple needs or a large request we assist to pool available resources to help meet the need.  Our case managers work to connect the dots.

We are working on solutions to help with  transportation, medication, child care, access to pantries, and other basic needs.  We will assist families in filling out forms, turning in job applications, and providing them with access to computers, a printer, and the internet, especially for those who do not have a smartphone or wifi availability.

We believe that everyone deserves access to all available resources and are committed to working with families to find solutions to their challenges . 

Lack of sufficient units is a critical issue facing many families in our community. We are committed to working towards a future where everyone has access to safe, affordable, and permanent housing.

We will collaborate and support the re-development efforts of our cities, other non-profits, agencies, landlords, and faith groups who are working together to create more affordable housing in the community.

We are committed to mentoring and companioning families through the process of applications, voucher eligibility, inspections, and move-in.

Homelessness – Many individuals and families are currently homeless (often invisible) in our city, whether out of choice or being ineligible to access the availability of local shelters.

One of our priorities is the creation of a Transitional Housing facility, which will provide a steppingstone for individuals and families on the journey from homelessness towards permanent housing.


a) Join us in locating locations, resources, and get engaged with the tasks of making this a reality.

b) We seek donations to help families on their journey to permanent housing. Your generosity to a fund/endowment will assist with application fees, deposits, and first month’s rent, especially for families who are committed to the effort of achieving permanent housing, and those pursuing HUD/Section 8 housing.

FYI – Often it is the lack of $50 or $100 towards an application fee or deposit that keeps a family from moving into a home.

We believe that everyone deserves a safe and stable place to call home. We are committed to working towards this goal through collaboration, community support, and innovative solutions.

Access to healthy and nutritious food is a fundamental right for all
individuals and families in our community. Many food pantries are
available locally on most days of the week. However, those who are
working, disabled, or without transportation are unable to access
pantry resources during their service hours.
Our volunteers will offer a wide range of pantry support as well as
delivery related services to address the issue of ‘food deserts’ in our

Connecting the dots…..

  1. Community Gardens – We are excited to support the set-up of
    hydroponic/aquaponic towers (mini community gardens). The fresh
    produce from the gardens will support local community (soup)
    kitchens in preparing meals, to be delivered to homes that don’t
    have regular access to fresh produce.  We welcome and encourage youth groups, scouts, student councils and church groups to engage with us to grow their own community gardens. Contact us!
  2. Pick-up & Pass-along – We welcome agency referrals on behalf of
    food insecure households. Subject to volunteer availability we will
    pick up and deliver groceries and produce from local pantries that
    accept proxy pick-up. The household must meet eligibility guidelines.
    • Blessing Boxes /Pink Boxes (mini private pantries) are placed
      around Bryan/College Station filled with donations from the
      community of canned goods and shelf stable items. We will pass
      along grocery items received from drives and donations to these
  3. Cook & Deliver – Collaborate with and support community kitchens where volunteers cook and deliver meals to those without transportation, veterans, & elderly who are homebound, and those who may be on the waitlist for Meals on Wheels.

We are thankful for the resources and support available through the
Brazos Valley Food Bank, Texas A&M University, Producers Co-op, AgriLife Extension Services, Brazos Health Department, etc. and
donors to meet the needs of households that are food insecure.

We believe that everyone should have access to healthy and
nutritious food. We are committed to working with our community to
address food insecurity and ensure that all families have access to
available resources.

Our team is excited to announce the upcoming launch of a Community Resource Database, a free online resource that will assist case managers to be informed of local resources currently available through agencies, churches, and other groups. We aim to make this resource list easy to navigate and kept as updated as possible each week. We are committed to giving families in need the most accurate information available when they call for help, or before we call another agency to request funds or services.

Because agencies and groups come into or run out of funding at different times, or are unable to provide all services they may have once offered, we believe collaboration is key to being well informed of all resources that may be currently available.

In turn we help each other lead from a position of good understanding.

We are currently in the planning stages and will keep you updated on the progress and how your organization can participate.

What else do we have planned?

Upcoming Initiatives

Looking Ahead: Discover Our Upcoming Projects and Opportunities to Get Involved

We’re are looking ahead to providing legal aid and financial counselling services.  Our support will include mentoring and assistance with budgeting, bill paying, predatory loan forgiveness programs and more. A team member will help individuals navigate the system and connect with resources to achieve their financial goals. We’re working hard to make it available soon, please check back for more information.

Access to reliable transportation is essential yet often unavailable for many individuals and families in our community. The elderly, disabled, injured veterans, home-bound, and those without personal transportation are often unable to reach doctor appointments, the pharmacy, work, a food pantry, or the grocery store.

We are dedicated to pursuing solutions for transportation needs when transit and buses are unavailable, especially on weekends.

We believe that everyone deserves access to reliable transportation and will pursue a variety of options to help provide this service or collaborate to extend existing services.

Sweet Oak is working towards creating The Ladder – A Brazos Valley Community Care Center.

The center will provide comprehensive case management services, support, and referrals for individuals and families in need, along with educational, service, and leadership development programs.

The Ladder endeavors to be a ‘one-stop hub’ for those looking for guidance, support, resources, and mentoring to take one-step at a time towards greater independence. We will provide access to resources that help families move from poverty to self-sufficiency or out of crisis.

Our approach is based on the principle of ‘companioning’ towards independence, and we strive to provide Reach, Relationships, Response, and Relief for those who need it the most.

We are currently pursuing opportunities to fund this center and identify a suitable location in College Station to set-up The Ladder.

Please consider being a founding donor and stay tuned for more information on our progress and how you can get involved.

We are dedicated to providing basic home essentials to families in need. Our mission is to support and extend existing programs to furnish and improve the living spaces of low-income and no-income families, as well as those recovering from homelessness, fires, and other crises.

By providing basic furniture and household items such as beds, couches, dining tables, essential linens, kitchen and bath items, families are helped to create a comfortable and safe living environment. They feel empowered  to overcome the challenges of poverty and homelessness and create a stable home for themselves and their loved ones.

We work closely with local non-profits, shelters, and other organizations to identify families in need. We will accept donations (new and gently used) on their behalf that can be placed in the homes we serve.

We believe that everyone deserves a home they can be proud of. We are committed to working with our community to provide basic home essentials. If you are in need or know of a family in need, please contact us. We’re here to help.

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